Judy Higdon, Psychic Counselor and Certified Matrix Energetics Healer

 Judy can bring clarity and understanding to you about what is happening in your life through psychic readings and healing. By listening to your inner guidance system, Judy will be able to show you a better approach to your life situations, helping you realize your true potential desires.

Psychic Phone Readings

You can schedule a phone reading and pay by the minute for just $2.75 per minute.  Credit card payments accepted.

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Matrix Energetic Healing

Judy will guide you into your subconscious mind where you, with Judy’s help and support, be gently guided through the changes that you feel you would like to make.

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Psychic Development Tutoring
Please call or email me for information on this private tutoring program.
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About Judy Higdon

Judy helps people seek deeper truths. “I consider it an honor to walk this path and give help and healing to those who ask and seek.”

Psychic Counselor & Practitioner of Matrix Energetics Healing

Educated by Master Metaphysical Teachers in Healing

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