About Me

My life’s journey began back in Canton Ohio on April 22 1940. At two years of age, my family moved to East Tennessee and relocated back up in the Smokey Mountains where I grew up, married and raised my family. After leaving my 23-year marriage, I returned to school, received my degree in Communications and started my own video production company in Knoxville.

I was smoking a couple of packs of cigarettes a day and decided to seek the services of a hypnotherapist in Knoxville to stop smoking. While I was being hypnotized to release the cigarette habit, I fell into a past life. I experienced myself on a sailing ship on rough seas with a bunch of scruffy looking men who looked like they hadn’t bathed in months.

As the hypnotherapist was returning me back to the present, I realized that the whole new world had opened before me. For the first time in my life I felt truly happy and connected. I had found my calling and I began to see, feel and hear what everyone around me was truly thinking and experiencing. I had found my gift. I began to see, feel and hear what others were thinking. I knew that I was home and had entered the field called metaphysics.

When I got home I got out of my car and looked around at the beautiful mountains all around me and felt an excitement moving through me that I had never experienced before. I took my fist, slammed it down on the hood of my car and stated loudly to the Universe and to God “I am going to do this the rest of my life.” I dented the hood of the car.

A few months later, I discovered that the hypnotherapist who had become my metaphysical teacher, would do late night channeling sessions. I had never heard of channeling before and became fascinated and asked him for permission to videotape him as he accessed these various energies and received their messages.

The morning after the first recording session, I went into shock as I stood in my office in front of the editing monitor and watched the footage we had shot the night before. The person that I had seen the night before with my naked eye looking through the view finder of the camera was different than the person I was now seeing on my editing monitor. The eyes, the nose, the mouth and even the set of the teeth were totally different. Even the skin tone was different. I knew right then that there are many more dimensions in this reality that I was living in than the one I thought I knew. I asked this man to teach me everything he knew and he did.

About six months into our work together my teacher handed me his watch one morning and told me to hold it in the palm of my left hand and asked me what I saw in my mind. I watched in total amazement as a whole new world of knowledge and visions opened up for me giving me this man’s and his family’s past, present and future. This ability continues to grow within my mind every day bringing me deep satisfaction because I love to see the light dawning on people’s faces as they wake up and see the realities that they are creating by the choices they are making.

It was not easy admitting that I could sense, hear, feel and see things beyond the ordinary however, now it has moved into a passion that has brought joy and peace into my life. So now in this present time of people seeking deeper truths, I consider it an honor to walk this path and give help and healing so those who ask and week.