Here are two new classes that I will be presenting at Wells Therapeutics in March. The address is 319 Edwin Drive, Suite 103, Virginia Beach. Virginia 23462. Their phone number is 757-490-9488.

Hypnosis for Drawing in the Right Partner for You
Tired of drawing in the same style partner into your life over and over? The ability to draw in a good partner who is supportive and loving to you is rooted in the belief systems you carry about yourself, life, faith in the Universe to provide and what you have been taught about you. That is all interchangeable.
Thursday, March 26th from 5:30 – 7pm at Wells Therapeutics, 319 Edwin Drive, Suite 101, Virginia Beach,  Va. 23462. Cost for the evening is $35 per person at the door. See you there.
Hypnosis for Creating Abundance
A class designed to help you move into your subconscious mind through hypnosis. You will go to that place where you go to create your reality and eliminate the old negative thought forms that sabotage your efforts to create Abundance and put in new thought patterns for drawing more into your life in a healthy loving way.
Sunday, March 29 from 2:30 – 4pm. $35 at the door.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Judy at 757-679-3113. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Past Classes:

October 22:  Introduction To Dowsing at Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door.
Dowsing goes back into ancient times. Originally used for finding water, precious metal resources and the enemy. Learn to tap into your energy field which connects to the total Universal energy fields of all that is. Everything in our world is open to be read if you know how to open the door and take a peek.

October 24: Psychic Message Circle at Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door.
Bring your questions about those things you really want to now about but sometimes are afraid to ask. You will find positive answers where you were possibly afraid that you would not. Life is an open book. Don’t be afraid to look. We have help and guidance from from every realm.

 November 5th: How to Grow Spiritually with Dowsing at Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door.  Learn how to go into the various Spiritual aspects of yourself and remove the blocks that are preventing you from having a rich and fulfilling life.

November 7th: Group Past Life Regression at Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a pillow and blanket if you choose and be prepared to meet whoever you were in a past life for a most enlightening evening.

November 14: Bring a habit you would love to break to “Changing Habits with Dowsing.” Habits are just habitual patterns we put in place to please ourselves or others or to protect ourselves. At Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door.

February 22: Psychic Development for You

You are a psychic. We are all psychics from birth until we take our last breath. It’s the gift we are given by our Creator to support our survival skills. You will learn how to feel,  listen and read these signals and how to translate and use them for your safety, abundance and highest good. It’s a fun class and I guarantee you that you will surprise yourself.

February 25th:  Support Your Reality through Dowsing

The ancient art of Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to discover water, find gold, healing from illnesses, predict the arrival of children and the future and much more. It operates off of your own energy field coupled with your raw intuition. The moment you think your question, the answer appears through the swing of the Pendulum because you are directly connected to your Source Energy which is your guidance system. All you have to do is ask. The best thing about dowsing is you can use anything for a pendulum and the answers always appear. No special ability required.