October 22:  Introduction To Dowsing at Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door.
Dowsing goes back into ancient times. Originally used for finding water, precious metal resources and the enemy. Learn to tap into your energy field which connects to the total Universal energy fields of all that is. Everything in our world is open to be read if you know how to open the door and take a peek.

October 24: Psychic Message Circle at Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door.
Bring your questions about those things you really want to now about but sometimes are afraid to ask. You will find positive answers where you were possibly afraid that you would not. Life is an open book. Don’t be afraid to look. We have help and guidance from from every realm.

 November 5th: How to Grow Spiritually with Dowsing at Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door.  Learn how to go into the various Spiritual aspects of yourself and remove the blocks that are preventing you from having a rich and fulfilling life.

November 7th: Group Past Life Regression at Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a pillow and blanket if you choose and be prepared to meet whoever you were in a past life for a most enlightening evening.

November 14: Bring a habit you would love to break to “Changing Habits with Dowsing.” Habits are just habitual patterns we put in place to please ourselves or others or to protect ourselves. At Rumple at 7pm, $25 at the door.

Please come join us at Rumplestiltskein, 332 N. Great Neck Road, VB 23454 in Chambord Commons.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Judy at 757-679-3113. Looking forward to seeing you there.