Do Psychic Readings Work for you?

Most definitely! People come to a psychic to find out their future; will they get the job, the guy, the money? The psychic is automatically reading your subconscious mind information which contains all the memories of everything that has ever happened to you in this life and all other lifetimes. Your conscious mind sees and weighs all of your strengths and weaknesses and points you toward your greatest opportunities while guiding you forward onto a path of greater freedom to create your world the way you would choose it to be, showing you your strongest path and greatest gifts.

Is there a difference between a Personal and Phone session?

No. The psychic is reading your energy field, which can be tapped into no matter where you are in the world because everything is energy and it is all interconnected on the subatomic cosmic level. I can be doing a reading for someone in Alaska and their mother who lives in Bavaria comes in equally strong as well as the energy of the person who is sitting before me in my office.



Are Psychic Readings affiliated with any religion?

No. Psychic Counseling comes from the connection made with Source Energy between the client and the practitioner. Since we are all energy beings regardless of spiritual affiliation, the help and support we need is always there from whatever Source you choose to claim as your Spiritual Source. The Divine Source Energy is in everything from now until the end of our recorded time. A healthy respect and knowledge of this Energy will definitely give you a better quality of life and the more respect and gratitude you show to this Energy, the more amazing your life becomes. If you can learn to say “Thank You” regardless of what is happening, you will find yourself moving out of difficult situations very quickly.

Everyone is born with a heavy dose of intuition. It is your protection, guide and birthright. Why did you choose your particular partner or why do you have certain friends or why did you buy the house you live in? Intuition is always our guiding light; it keeps us from making large mistakes if we listen and follow what it tells us. God lives within every cell of everyone and everything and without this process this Universe would not exist. I’ve lived long enough to understand that no matter how scary, everyone is doing the best they know how with what they have, and they truly believe that their salvation lies in the very acts that they are creating. It is up to us to use our Intuition and our Source Energy connections to sidestep the egotistical people who feel they know best what we should choose and refuse them entry into our world.

Where Did You Get Your Training?

From life, a few wonderful teachers, books and from being extremely aware. I’ve had the privilege of studying with some incredible masters and have spent many years on this planet developing a deep metaphysical and spiritual background. I also learned many amazing things from my clients. Stop for a moment and look around you, become aware of the incredible order of everything. The seasons, the sun, the moon, the tides each training you every day to listen and to get their messages. There are immutable laws in the Universe – don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lie, honor your ancestors and always be kind if possible. The laws if followed and lived by will make you very Intuitive and put a shield of protection around you. We always have a choice and those choices create our Karma. Karma is what happens to us because of the choices we made in the past whether in this lifetime or some other lifetime. Karma is real. What goes around sooner or later comes back around and that fact makes my job much easier at time

Can I Become a Psychic?

You already are. It is just a matter of learning how to identify how you do it and then learning a few tricks of the trade that will bring it up and out in the open. I teach classes, both individual and group and am always amazed to see someone get it and run with it and improve their lives and the lives of others.

Can I use my Psychic ability to pick lottery numbers?

In this instance, the Universe will not work with you. Some of our most famous psychics have tried to use their abilities to pick winning horse races or lottery numbers and they were always dropped down a pretty dark hole for that little mistake. Intuition is not meant to be used to selfishly feather our nests. The Universe really doesn’t like that. Sometimes I’m asked, “if I am such a good psychic why don’t I give out winning lottery numbers?” My answer, “there are some things on this planet that lie in the hands of destiny, and I feel this is one of.​