Past Life Regressions

Connecting with Your Past Lives Helps Heal Your Present Reality

What is Reincarnation? Simply put, reincarnation is the Soul’s journey through time moving from one life time onto the next. The higher part of our being – the spirit/soul – survives physical death and resides in another dimension (often called the afterlife or other side) until returning to Earth in a new form to learn the lessons that were not completed before or perhaps to even settle a Karmic debt with someone or something that was left unfinished.

Pinpoint Past Life Karma

If you have done all you can in the present to resolve issues that just won’t go away, Past Life Regression can be used to pinpoint the reasons for current self-destructive behaviors. Actions and decisions made in previous life times will impact on the present reality and the next and the next and the next until a balance is accomplished. As the soul journeys through incarnations, it creates and collects patterns that can be destructive to your present life. Healing these patterns is necessary if we are to grow and have a good life now. Someone living today with a deathly fear of heights, for example, may be revealed to have died or endured injury from a fall in a previous life. Are you prone to bounce from job to job or relationship to relationship, enduring similar cycles of disappointment and frustration even though you realize what needs to be done? Are you finding it difficult to escape old habits that continuously sabotage you? Consider the possibility that problems occurring in your present may be the result of Past Life Karma. If you have done everything you can to eliminate these life-draining habits, then consider a Past Life Regression.

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