Psychic Readings

Professional Psychic Readings in Norfolk, VA

A good psychic reading is like tapping into a photo gallery of your life. With Judy’s help you will be gently guided into the seeing of truth about your relationships with family, partners, business, talents and soul. You will be given new perceptions with which to view those difficult places that are causing you pain. With a gentle nudge from your spirit, Judy will give you a road map of healthier choices and the outcomes from which you can choose to create a happier more fulfilling life.

We are all born with psychic abilities. It’s one of the tools we are given by our Creator to ensure our survival. No one knows why certain people are gifted strongly with this ability any more than a good surgeon is blessed with an intuitive knowing of the right choices to make in the crucial moment of life. Intuition flows through every choice you make from buying a car, choosing a mate, getting a job, buying a home or deciding on a new turn to take on the road of your life.

Imagine the best meal you have ever eaten and standing tall within that chef is the intuitive ability to choose and do the right thing at the crucial moment of maximum opportunity to create the tastiest meal that you have ever experienced. Now pause for a moment and bring forth the memory of the most beautiful music you have ever heard…this is intuition at its best.

For thirty years Judy Higdon has worked hard to perfect the extrasensory gifts that allow her to see, hear and feel the things that dwell beyond this realm to bring answers to the questions her clients bring to her and today she uses these skills to help guide them forward toward their true destinies. When you come to Judy for your psychic reading you will receive a detailed, simple to understand analysis of the challenges you face and the positive aspects in your life that you can use to assist you in reaching your goals.

Past Life Readings

A good past life reading reaches back in time into your various past lives and reflects back to you the reasons why you have chosen particular partners, professions and health challenges in this life. I have seen Past Life Readings and Regressions liberate a person from health problems and bring light to choices that are necessary to make in this day thus bringing understanding to you allowing you to make new and healthier choices.