July 28, 2020

Suggestions for Tuning into Your “Psychic” Self

Lesson 1:  Always start out any psychic work you do with a prayer. Pray to who ever or whatever works best for you. It doesn’t have to be elegant or long, just very sincere and from the heart.. I always ask that the answers be so clear that I cannot avoid hearing the truth and I will always get it. I also ask that I will be able to deliver it in such a way that they can hear me. Occasionally you may be tempted to muffle the truth because you are afraid that it might hurt. You are doing nobody any favors doing that. Truth is always best. It’s the key that unlocks the door of the heart and allows them to hear and be in that bubble of truth with you. Truth always works out. Seriously, the Maker wants us to succeed and you can’t build a solid foundation on a lie. So now you are ready to go.

First, I always make sure I have the persons name and I have it spelled correctly. Even if it is a nick name it is what their soul answers to. An incorrect spelling can make a big difference. You would be amazed at how an incorrect spelling of their name can change the reading. As they are speaking to me everything within me is open to their voice, their inflections, their energy patterns and any feelings they are truly holding onto about the subject. I accept all of it without ANY judgement at all. I’ve had people who have killed sitting in front of me and in the time where we are connected I absolutely refuse to pass a judgement. Judgement always kills everything.

Now it is time for their question as to why they are here. I let them run on in any way they need to. Again NO judgements. If you are still tuned in with no judgement, the answers will start to roll out of you. The intonations in their voice will automatically guide you. The kinder and more understanding you are the more the real truth flows out. If they are withholding anything you will feel it in your body. Let them hold on to their lies. They need them to justify some of the choices they are making. Sooner or later the truth will spill out.

If you are using Tarot cards and you know what you are doing, the truth will pop its head up. I use psychometry which is holding onto something the person owns or is wearing and their life energy is pulsing through me. Always hold it in your right palm. Energy comes in on the right side of the body and leaves on the left. Inside my mind I am asking Spirit the questions they want answers to and the answers always present themselves to me clearly and simply. Remember to always listen. I am also a dowser so If I have a question about what they are telling me, I ask the pendulum simple “Yes” and “No” questions and come into the information through the back door.

Just remember your intuition is always working for you and is 100% honest.

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